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  1. Is Breathe the Cure at Texas 501(c)3?  No, we are not currently a 501c3 but a not-for-profit mission. 
  2. Who runs Breathe the Cure? Jennifer Buergermeister, founder of Jennyoga and The Texas Yoga Association/Conference manages Breathe the Cure. See Jenny's profile here on LinkedIn.
  3. Can I volunteer at this organization? Yes, we love volunteers and are always looking for fresh ideas.
  4. Is my donation tax deductible? It's definitely a write off! Talk to your accountant.
  5. What do you mean by "cure" in Breathe the Cure?  Cure comes from the Latin word Cura which means to bring attention to. To bring attention to the breath is the mission of Breathe the Cure. With greater focus and awareness in slow, rhythmic breathing, we can change many biological processes such as release fat from the cells, calm the nervous system and detox our bodies.